Top 10 Brexit Risks 2020

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Top 10 Brexit Risks 2020

There is little shortage to information on Brexit, but it is a game of fast moving parts. Now the Withdrawal agreement has been passed, find our guide to the top 10 business Brexit risks going into the New Year: –

  • Law experts say haulage and logistics companies with contracts that have a cross UK-EU border element, due to end after the country’s departure date of 31 January 2020 need to think about including a contractual Brexit addendum into their agreements or face “serious implications”.
  • More than seven million people are employed in the making, selling and moving of goods.
  • There are 343,000 EU nationals working in British logistics firms impacting vehicle movements and the supply chain.
  • The ongoing situation regarding the employment of EU nationals remains unclear.
  • There are currently more than 53,000 lorry driver vacancies already in the UK, and more in warehousing, van driving and other key roles across the sector.
  • FTA still has not received responses on a number of key areas which currently enable the smooth passage of goods and services across the UK’s borders.
  • The transition period has already been reduced to less than a year, December 31st 2020. 
  • The HMRC say the best-case scenario, she said the flow rate to vehicles coming to and from Europe will be 70-80% of current levels
  • There are still concerns on the final confirmation of the arrangements for imports and exports between the UK and Europe including the potential for checks.
  • Agreement on the situation on the Irish border, where and how these checks are to be made.
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