Case Studies

Tech Courier

Case Study – Autumn 2019

This major office relocation was a 6 floor project in Belfast City Centre during Autumn 2019

A PTF team held the stock at a secure location and moved the items on site during the small hours, de-boxing the equipment, setting up the workstations and specialist coverings to ensure the offices were preserved in pristine condition. Completing alternate floor by floor completion enabling Business as Usual activities to take place without undue delays.

The result was the client was able to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, avoiding unnecessary disruption to their business.

Tech Courier – PTF

White Glove & Specialist Handling

No two White Glove requirements are the same. Unlike the need for outstanding competence, professionalism and reliability. They are the common attributes to make every White Glove delivery a success. PTF can design a tailor-made solution to fit your needs. ADR, Temperature controlled, Warehouse, AVSEC or 2-man delivery.

Case Study White Glove

All drivers are trained to use specialist equipment for the handling of goods and through assembly, installation and disposal. The PTF support team keeping sender and receiver updated at all times.



Warehouse – Specialist Handling

Whether your need is to roll out a new product range or complete an office relocation, specialist warehousing requires a clean and secure environment to handle high value equipment. The PTF facility in Lisburn meets that requirement.

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