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About us

First established in 1982, Paul Thompson Freight (PTF) is a family owned logistics company that has successfully grown, delivering final mile, time critical deliveries for 38 years. Our reputation for reliability with value is second to none. Developing expertise into the specialist areas of same day over time, serving the many sectors and channels that require “peace of mind” and security in the field of Time Critical delivery. 

What we do

Whatever your need, Standard Same Day, ADR, Airside access, Temperature controlled, IT/Tech, White Glove, Warehousing and storage, PTF have a team to design and implement the solution for those requirements.

2020 will be a year of major transformation for the UK.  If you need a courier partner equipped and ready for the transition then talk to PTF by clicking here to ask PTF how we can help you.

How can PTF help you

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